PlayStation Philippines Launched

Sony officially launches the PlayStation series game consoles in the Philippines on March 27, 2010 and they’re holding a launch party to celebrate its release in the Glorietta Activity Center in Makati City on the same date. Does this mean we get locally distributed PSN cards and official tech support? We here in RR hope so.

Read on for the official press release.

Sony Philippines, Inc. invites you to the first PlayStation Event in Philippines on March 27 and 28 at the Glorietta Activity Center. Enjoy the extensive display of the full PlayStation line-up, try out the newest game offerings and watch the hottest bands perform onstage.

Up for grabs are brand new PlayStation 3 , (PSP) PlayStation Portable and limited edition PlayStation premium items by simply joining any of the following activities:

• COSPLAY Fashion – Come in your best Anime/PS game character COSPLAY attire and strut your stuff to win a brand new PlayStation 3
• COSPLAY Battlefield – Create a 2 minute Battle/Fight Scene Simulation with 2 other friends and win 1 PSP each
• PlayStation Amazing Race – Discover the PlayStation World Amazing Race Style with a partner and win 1 PSP each
• PSP (PlayStation Portable) Tekken Network Battle – Step up to the challenge and be the best Tekken Dark Resurrection fighter to bring home a brand new PS3
• PlayStation 3 Ridge Racer 7 Competition – Are you in need of speed? Finish first in the Ridge Racer 7 Game and be an owner of a brand new PS3
• I Want A PlayStation®3 Raffle Onsite Draw – 2 brand new PlayStation®3 to be raffled out

Be one of the first 100 people to buy a PS3 on March 27 and get a free Software or Accessories Discount plus a limited edition PS Windbreaker.

Aside from the 3000 Php Software & Accessories Discount and the Premium item, be there early and get these discounts:

First 5 people : Additional 3000 php Software & Accessories discount
6 – 20 people : Additional 2,500 php Software & Accessories discount
21 – 40 people : Additional 2,000 php Software & Accessories discount
41 – 60 people : Additional 1,500 php Software & Accessories discount
61 – 80 people : Additional 1,000 php Software & Accessories discount
81 – 100 people : Additional 500 php Software & Accessories discount

It was about time Sony did this. We had to wait for 15 years.

Thanks Isburai and Grim for the heads up.

Sony press release here