Now THAT’S an Armored Core: Guns VS. Missiles

Another fine entry in our “Now That’s An Armored Core” line. How do you turn basic AC models in to hulking badasses of destruction? Let 507 design one of them and let another AC modeling madman re-design Armored Core’s super bad guy and turn it into a beast rivaling 507’s famous Black Rain.

The new Nine Ball is armed with multiple grenade cannons and gatling guns alongside linear rifles and other little tools of destruction (I’m sure a little EO pod is there somewhere). the New E2 by 507 seems like it can do nasty missile spamming like the light AC from the opening of Armored Core 3, which is a real nasty surprise for any unsuspecting foe. We’re now currently which is better, guns or missiles?

In either case, I wouldn’t mind getting killed off by these guys. I’ll be willing to hold death’s hand and dance with bullets till the missiles fall if these are the last things I’ll see.

Thanks JE for the uber Nineball find and Inter1337 for the custom E2 by 507.