Now THAT’S an Armored Core: Phosphorus

An utterly underwhelming name for a very awesome looking kit, like calling everything featured in “Now That’s an Armored Core” a bunch of MTs. The creator, Reikouzi could have called it something like Firestorm, or something more well deserving. In any case, Phosphorus is an amazing looking custom job that was born out of multiple AC parts and heavy customization, resulting in this beautiful masterpiece. There are clear influences from both AC:LR, with some Jackal2 parts, and a lot of AC:FA parts. The amalgamation is just something breathtaking and From should take a look at the capabilities of this AC if it wants to make an FA-ish game soon.

This is one awesomely crazy modeler.

[Source: Altitude of Mobius]
Original Gallery here.