Drac’s ACDC 2.0 – Results Incoming!

Submissions are over, and it’s a whopper – 51 93(!) ACs strong for Queen Drac Wraith‘s second aesthetics ACDC. I’m assuming most, if not all of those are present in that sweet superimposed image up top. Hit the jump to see the entire stipulations list.

In a post-Verdict Day world, it’s good to see activity for the whole range of AC titles still going on (even if they’re not tournaments in the traditional sense).

Any AC is good!

-Submission Limit: 2 per person per division, so a max of 10 submissions per person
-This is an AESTHETICS contest, so all parts are allowed and functionality doesn’t matter
-Submissions are to be sent to me via PM
-Submissions must include AC name, AC parts (only parts that can be seen on the outside), and AC paint
-Submissions may include a description, but this is not required
-If you don’t submit by the deadline, I will NOT accept your design. If you procrastinate, it isn’t my problem
-There are people who are handling the pictures, so if you submit a picture of your AC, it won’t be used
-Decals are now allowed. To arrange trades, contact TMRaven (PS3 FA), FromCheng (PS3 VD), or Major Kolton (360 FA and VD) on ACL
-Voting will most likely be confidential (in other words via PM to me), but the 3-vote system from the previous contest will still be used
-Designers won’t be revealed until the end of the contest
-Submission Deadline: (EXTENDED) June 2nd, 2014