Jan 272010
Armored Core LAHIRE

The LAHIRE model kit will be available in local hobby stores (hopefully) by April or May 2010. The kit features Otsdarva’s AC Stasis, the No.1 Collard ranker featured in Armored Core: for Answer along with all the weapons and trimmings. The kit includes the 0700 assault rifle, 0507 heavy laser rifle, PM missiles, and a radar pack along with some stabilizers. Its unusual joints and small limbs make it an unusual design in a series filled with beefy giant robots, but otherwise it’s mech sexy as any other AC. Go grab one if you want your AC on a diet.

Armored Core - Omer Type LAHIRE Stasis

EDIT: Thanks cabs for the correction.

  • cabs

    correction… release date is April 2010

  • Goat

    Holy fcrap I've been waiting for this. I'm going to get this as soon as this comes out.

  • http://www.facebook.com/anthony.palafox Anthony Palafox

    I'm thinking that the parts from this and the AALIYAH kit would go well with each other.

  • Goat

    Oo nga no. I'll probably be able to assemble one of my ACs at last! (not that this one's a real AC though)

  • Alex

    they put the graphic for the eye in the wrong spot…its supposed to be on the right side of the head..not the front middle