TO Science Fiction CG Movie

A new science fiction CG anime simply titled “TO” is going to be released in Japan and will be directed by veteran director Fumihiko Sori, who also directed the science fiction CG film Vexille in 2007 and produced the Appleseed film in 2005.

TO is an adaptation of the manga “2001 ya Monogatari” (released as “2001 Nights” outside Japan), specifically the “Symbiotic Planet” and “Elliptical Orbit” chapters. The manga’s story revolves around mankind’s voyages into space, describing the possibilities we might face, and the challenges mankind may encounter during this undertaking. Some screencaps after the jump.

Some screen caps of the trailers on the website:




The film looks quite promising, and the director has a number of good movies under his belt. His last animated work, Vexille was enjoyable to say the least with lots of mecha action and well done fight sequences, and the reception for Appleseed seems to be quite positive as well, so there’s quite a lot to look forward to with this great looking title. The trailers on the official website show a lot of power suits, guns, and space stations, which can be accessed in their movie section.

TO will be released direct to video DVD on October 2, 2009 in Japan, and a Blu-ray release on December 2009.

Visit the TO official website for more information.

[via Anime News Network]