PACT III – Are You Ready for It?


When: October 27 (primary tournament) AND November 10 (loser’s bracket)
Where: sforzando‘s residence
Time: Approximately 1 PM

October 27 is a Saturday. That makes it highly improper for you not to go. Even if you just signed up.

Since we will once again be living on the good graces of sforzando, please be courteous enough to approach him yourselves through PM if you need directions.

For the second event, tentatively it will be NiX and maitreya who will host. But since that day’s further off, we still have time to discuss that.

We’re doing things different this time around. No more of that conventional tourney setup with one AC per contestant. This time we’re having each person bring 3 ACs of his or her choice. The twist is, not one design can share any part with another one, except for optional parts.

As NiX said, “yes. Not even ANANDA.”

So flex your creative juices and get cracking on those builds then, you only have 10 more days to go! The totality of the rules and bans can get a bit confusing, so you all better read up!

Start with the thread, then read the bans and overall rules. Finally, be aware of the new format.

Good luck to all.

*insert cheesy ending line here*