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Oct 142009

Don’t let your hard drive die on you! Forum member Cabs has recently shared a small secret to making silent PCs. The method reduces vibration by attaching “shock absorbers” in the form of garter bands to the hard drive case. This method will also make your PC’s hard drive last longer, as it lessens vibration, making it less likely for the hard disk head to be misaligned and killing your hard drive. Continue reading »

Oct 132009
Neogeo guy

Or in this case, living in a house with an awesome Neo-Geo games collection. However, I wouldn’t think that anyone would ever disgrace themselves in front of something like the Holy Grail. I would assume that the guy in the picture/video isn’t the real owner and he’s just a random sex offender out to sodomize the owner’s pet gerbil. He gets erotically stimulated by the presence of such an awesome Neo-Geo games collection instead and grabs the webcam in the room and starts showing off the collection as if it were his own, mooning his prized buttocks and stimulating his nipples in the process. Video after the jump, very NSFW: Continue reading »

Oct 082009
Star Wars Uncut

Think you can do a better job than George Lucas in directing a Star Wars film? Here’s your chance at 15 seconds of fame by participating in Star Wars Uncut. This is a fan collaboration done by various Star Wars fans around the world, with each tagging a particular scene from Episode 4: A New Hope and re-making it in their own vision, 15 seconds at a time.

It’ll be interesting how fans will interpret and re-make the more spectacular scenes in the movie such as the Red Squadron vs. the Death Star scene as forum member Fox has pointed out. That and how the various fan versions of Chewbacca might turn out.

Thanks to Grim for the heads up.

Oct 062009
Kona Internet

PLDT, one of the largest Internet Service Providers in the Philippines announced that they’ve begun testing their new fiber-optic service in selected areas across general Metro area. The technology is leaps and bounds ahead of the established DSL system in place, so this could only mean more downloads, less lag with games, and easier communication overall. As quoted from this news source, the following areas are included for pilot testing of this new service: Continue reading »

Sep 282009
Epic Flood

After a month’s worth of rain was poured over the course of a day, an unprepared Philippines was brought to an absolute standstill. Water levels rose too quickly, which flooded major highways, schools, hospitals, and pretty much everything else. In some areas, the flood was several stories high.

Even with the subsiding rain, the calamity has not yet passed, as several people are still stuck in their own homes in areas where the flood waters have yet to recede. Many don’t have homes to go back to. And some don’t have families to go back to.

But the worst has a way of bringing out the best, as shown by the relief drives and rescue efforts currently being undertaken. If the weather continues to be cooperative, things should be better by the middle of the week.

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