Metal Gear: Philanthropy Fan-Made Movie

The full length, non-profit, fan-made MGS movie is finally complete after over 3 years in production. MGS: Philanthropy takes place somewhere in between the events of MGS and MGS4 where Snake tries to rid the world of various Metal Gear variants. This isn’t just some regular CG movie; Metal gear Solid: Philanthropy comes with decent voice work, incredible CGI (for a fan-mande production), and lasts over an hour long. They even got Solid Snake’s smoker voice correct, which is no small task given this is an hour long movie.

This just goes to show how much love and dedication fans will give for their fandoms. Also, its shows how fans can sometimes get it right, actually completing a Metal Gear movie while big studios remain in limbo about such an idea.

Visit the MGS Philanthropy official website to watch the movie.