Rising Vegetable Prices Due to Recent Typhoons

Normally, you’d hear parents telling their kids to eat more vegetables. In light of recent events however, supply-strapped families in RP may have to go carnivore with their dining habits.

A week after supertyphoon Pepeng’s rampage in Northern Luzon, vegetable prices in Manila have skyrocketed by a staggering 300 percent. What used to be P 60 per kilo of carrots has jumped to P 180, while potatoes have risen from P 80 to P 200.

According to Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap, the reason for the sharp rise in veggie prices was due to Pepeng’s foray into Baguio, which was ravaged with landslides, causing several of its farm-to-market roads to be closed down.

Yap further added that the government is currently tapping Nueva Vizcaya and other provinces in Mindanao for vegetable supplies to help alleviate costs.
I’d imagine it sucks to be a vegetarian at this point. If you know any personally, cut them some slack, and be sure to donate whatever leafy green produce you can.

[via: ABS-CBN news]