May 252011
Armored Core Limit Release

This fine and dandy Armored Core modification for Unreal Tournament has been in development for a year now, and much progress has been made since its inception. You can get more info on this up-and-coming modification on Moodydata’s Moddb page for Armored Core: Limit Release. For this update, progress has been made with new animations which you can check out below. Continue reading »

Feb 142011
AC5 5

New screenshots showing what a global conquest map for AC5 is gonna look like. Start fantasizing about your dreams of global domination people. From our expert intelligent tactical Goat, he deduces that it will be a multi-faction war instead of the usual 2-3 factions fighting as in the previous AC games. Mercenaries themselves will have territory, but we’re a bit worried that the lack of an overarching corporation might damage the story, which isn’t much of a loss as AC’s story wasn’t one of its strengths. Continue reading »

Feb 062011

A whole lot more info popped out thanks to this Gamespot interview with Mr. Toshifumi Nabeshima, the producer and director of the Armored Core series. From his words, there are going to be radical changes to the series formula, emphasizing more on greater online content while maintaining the core gameplay the series is known for. Hit the jump for the interview as well as a summary of details: Continue reading »

Dec 232010
Sophie Xmas 2010

Hint: There is a mistletoe in the picture, look for it and you’ll know where to kiss… Anyway, as RR is slowly trying to be active again, our resident illustrator Trace has made another mind-blowingly awesome rendition of RR’s cover girl Sophie Emilia. Sophie wishes everyone an advanced Merry Christmas! She just keeps looking better and better.

Thanks Trace :D.

Dec 222010
A New Order of NEXT 04

Would you be interested in an Armored Core book? Here’s you chance. A New Order of “NEXT” which can be ordered via Amazon Japan contains concept art and a bunch of other things for the Armored Core fan who is interested in AC4 and 4A designs. A New Order of “NEXT” sells for as low as 2625 yen (used). More pictures of the contents after the jump: Continue reading »

Dec 202010
Comiket 79 05

The devotion of AC fans knows no boundaries, and a group of hard-core enthusiasts decided to publish a series of fan magazines in the upcoming Comiket (Comic Market) 79 this coming December 29, 2010 in Japan. From what we gather, the contents will include original fan illustrations of Armored Core/s, and some articles that may interest fans. More images after the jump, along with their studio links: Continue reading »