Armored Core 6’s Protagonist is a Raven?

News came up about Armored Core 6’s age rating in Korea, a symptom of a slow news day when the only newsworthy topic is its age classification. However, something interesting pops up when you directly translate the text into English as discovered over on the Armored Core subreddit.

Translating the game’s description yields the following text (ran through Deepl translatior):

Independent mercenary 621 Raven tackles the secrets of the Rubicon in this action-packed game.

The translation leaves a lot to be desired; it is unknown if “Raven” refers to the pilot/character’s name, or if it’s still the term used for the mercenaries who pilot the titular Armored Cores.

At least, it’s good to know that our website’s name will still be relevant for the next Armored Core generation.