Jan 312010

Found over at Armored Core-Wiki. Looks like Nineball Seraph isn’t the only awesome bird in the sky. This heavily modded custom Aaliyah made by “Riyu Mu” (ゆむ) looks like it can dominate the heavens and rule over the throne held by Armored Core’s big bad guy. Safe to say, it’d be interesting what a four way battle will look like between this guy, Nineball Seraph, Crest Black Rain, and the Cronus Vestal. More pictures after the jump: Continue reading »

Jan 272010
Armored Core LAHIRE

The LAHIRE model kit will be available in local hobby stores (hopefully) by April or May 2010. The kit features Otsdarva’s AC Stasis, the No.1 Collard ranker featured in Armored Core: for Answer along with all the weapons and trimmings. The kit includes the 0700 assault rifle, 0507 heavy laser rifle, PM missiles, and a radar pack along with some stabilizers. Its unusual joints and small limbs make it an unusual design in a series filled with beefy giant robots, but otherwise it’s mech sexy as any other AC. Go grab one if you want your AC on a diet. Continue reading »

Jan 242010
Gigantor Tetsujin

Japan Probe has reported the Tetsujin-28 statue received a million visits within three months of its construction, boosting tourism and increasing the overall economic activity of the area by immediately capitalizing on the giant robot’s popularity through merchandising and Tetsujin-28 related items and services.

Kotaku also reports that within 300 days the life sized Gundam statue is erected, the city of Shizouka will be able to attract 900,000 visitors, earn over 40 billion yen, and create 9,600 jobs including security and maintenance occupations. However, the adverse side of this development may be the effect on the local environment as these following before and after shots of the venue show after the jump. Continue reading »

Jan 222010
Front Mission - 13

Awesome new screenshots of the upcoming Front Mission Evolved show the scale of combat between Wanzers and giant enemy units in the game. New screenshots also show on-foot combat in the game, as well as some of the upcoming Wanzers to be featured in the next Front Mission game. Full body character CG works of FME’s protagonists and a gallery of screenshots after the jump: Continue reading »

Jan 212010
Front Mission evolved

A brand spankin’ new trailer for the upcoming Front Mission Evolved has been floating around, which give an insight into the story and details have emerged on FME’s multiplayer game mode titled “Domination”. The brief background of the story from Siliconera:

In the future, the world is a changed place. Technology has advanced. Countries have merged into massive geopolitical blocks. But one thing, sadly, remains the same – humanity’s appetite for war. When a terrorist attack destroys one of the U.C.S.’s prized orbital elevators, the military is mobilised to eliminate the threat.

Dylan Ramsey, a young engineer, finds himself quickly caught in a swirl of destruction, conspiracies and crumbling alliances. Experience his story in this high-octane third-person shooter.

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Jan 202010

Let’s play a game. You play as a 500 meter giant robot, and you have to defend the world from 15 invaders. Let’s increase the stakes by saying that you must defeat the enemy within 48 hours or Earth gets destroyed. Beat the enemy, and you pay with your life. Lose the fight, and the world gets destroyed, not to mention you dying in the process. Continue reading »