Mecha Anime Review: Bokurano

Let’s play a game. You play as a 500 meter giant robot, and you have to defend the world from 15 invaders. Let’s increase the stakes by saying that you must defeat the enemy within 48 hours or Earth gets destroyed. Beat the enemy, and you pay with your life. Lose the fight, and the world gets destroyed, not to mention you dying in the process.

The series is unlike any mecha anime before, as the show focuses on each character’s motivation to fight in a battle they cannot forfeit. This is quite an achievement since each of the 15 characters is given only around 1 or 2 episodes to be fully fleshed out. As for the characters there are 15 of them with different personalities, and how those personalities react when faced with the burden of defending Earth and dealing with certain death is the main focus of this show. The action scenes are minimal, so don’t expect anything like Gundam or Macross, but are adequate in showing massive battles in densely populated cities take place. The mysteries of the giant robot Zearth also play a pivotal role in the plot of the story, but ultimately is weaker compared to the character portrayal of the pilots assigned to the machine.

I just marathoned this 24-episode anime and it was awesome. The action is slow and takes a back seat to the various characters and their motivations, which is the primary charm of the series. I’d highly recommend it not just for mecha fans, but for those who enjoy watching shows for the characters in the story. Overall, Bokurano is an emotional ride that leaves you asking questions and thinking twice about being a hero.

What if you had no choice but to be the world’s savior, would you proudly or reluctantly fulfill the role?

Would you save the world at the cost of your own life?

In the face of certain and unavoidable death, what will you do with your last moments?

Would you save the world because it is your destiny?

Would you do it for your friends and family?

Would you do it for glory and recognition?

Would you save a world that has betrayed you?

Would you save a world that had treated you like scum your whole life?

Would you kill another human being to save the world?

These questions are only a few that I asked myself while watching Bokurano, and it was a truly captivating experience.