Apr 092010

It seems not only the V2 Gundam can be turned into a LEGO statue as Armored Core: Last Raven’s Cascade Range has returned, in LEGO form. These pictures are found in the depths of the Japanese Armored Core Wiki site, and thus the name of the creator and the instructions on how to make this magnificent piece escape us. Enjoy another image of this LEGO masterpiece after the jump:

Thanks to Moonlight Raven for the tip.

UPDATE – More photos HERE.

  • http://www.facebook.com/anthony.palafox Anthony Palafox

    Nicely done! I'm especially liking how the creator was able to almost perfectly replicate the LB4 and the PYTHON.

  • http://ravenrepublic.net NiX

    What’s really cool about this one is how he managed to get it so smooth. The whole thing’s pretty spot-on, really.

  • Okami

    it always seems like the japanese can discover the secrets of LEGO mech building