Awesome LEGO Mech – Now With Instructions!

This here is probably the most awesome LEGO mech ever, and it’s a Gundam! The attention to detail on this creation is just striking, with various double joints and a transformation sequence that rivals that of model kits WITHOUT removing any of the LEGO block parts. This just shows the amount of precision and passion involved with this work, not to mention that the creator also included the V2 Assault Buster Gundam parts as well. The entire building and transformation process after the jump:

UPDATE: We tracked down the original site that originally displayed the LEGO V2 Gundam, and luckily enough they show you how to build one yourself.

Here are the detailed instructions on how to build the V2 Gundam:

A. Head and Core Fighter parts
B. Hanger parts
C. Leg parts

[via: The Brothers Brick and the original LEGO V2 Gundam site]

Thanks to NiX for the additional info.