Front Mission Alternative And Front Mission 2 Getting English Translations

Following up their success in translating Front Mission 5, the hard working guys at are currently developing English translation patches for 2 elusive Front Mission titles never released outside of Japan. Hit the jump for more info:

The first game, Front Mission Alternative, serves as a prequel for the entire series, and takes place during the 2030s in the African continent, referenced in Front Mission lore as the African Conflict. The game departs from the traditional turn-based strategy the series is known for and focuses on a limited squad-based strategy gameplay instead. Here’s a video demonstrating much of the game’s features:

The other game, Front Mission 2 was released in 1998 in Japan only. The game takes place in 2102, in between the events of Front Mission 4 and Front Mission 3, making it “the missing link” of the series. This particular incarnation of Front Mission offers the largest battlefields of any Front Mission game, with literally an army of dozens of Wanzers, helicopters, tanks, sometimes even fixed-wing aircraft participating during the later parts of the story. Here’s another video that demos what features to expect from Front Mission 2, and its translation:

After more than 12 years from their initial release in Japan, it seems that the Front Mission series can only grow as Front Mission Evolved’s release date comes closer.