Front Mission Evolved Multiplayer Blues

Yes, we’re very much still alive here at RR, thank you very much. But anyway.

There’s been quite a buzz regarding Front Mission Evolved since it came out. Consistent enough with most mecha games, the single player experience in terms of plot/story and character development isn’t really surfacing on the write-ups around the web. Everyone has been more focused on the game mechanics, and more importantly how these translate into the multiplayer aspect.

Unfortunately, it’s not been all rosy reviews (or at all, for that matter).

Hit the jump to find out what people are saying.

  • Mecha Damashii writes this decidedly thumbs-down piece on the inconsistencies of the in-game movement.
  • Metacritic summed up the scores of those dozen or so gaming-centered sites to a pretty paltry 60 out of 100.
  • The GameFAQs boards are, as always, jumping with questions and observations from both newbies and more experienced players. A quick scan will reveal many gripes about imbalance persisting throughout the weapon sets available.
  • The subforum for Front Mission Evolved subforum on Steam has been pretty alive with activity as well. This thread highlights what’s good/workable with the game. People have even been trying to raise the playing field on a competitive level.

Thoughts? Played the game and was satisfied/disappointed? Where do you think the game went wrong?

Chime in through the comments below, or through the thread on the forums (semi-serious discussion begins on page 3).