Armored Core V – Recap and Updates

…And we’re back from the dead, yet again. Not that there’s an unlimited number of things to cover when you only blog about giant robots.

So if you’ve not been keeping up with the latest Armored Core news, allow us to recap a bit.

  • To give ample time for online beta testing, Armored Core V’s release has been delayed to January 26th for the Japanese release. It’s quite promising that the development team seems to be quite dedicated to bringing out a truly polished product.
  • Last month at Gamescom 2011, FROM showed off more Armored Core V screenshots and a new trailer (featuring some cringe-worthy voiceovers redeemed only by the accompanying epic Armored Core music).
  • The latest gameplay reveals are the three confirmed maps (Abandoned City, Buried Facility, and Alpine Base) and the ability to place a plethora of turret/cannon defenses all over your team’s territory.
  • A new set of screenshots was released for TGS 2011. Noteworthy are the giant AC you can see above and a new curved beam saw hype thingy the new Moonlight. Oh, and Gamespot actually managed to interview Nabeshima himself. Nothing really new, though.

Anyway, enjoy the screenshot compilation we’ve gathered for your convenience all below.