Nov 162009
Armored Core Opening 01

No, we’re not dead. It’s just been a slow week.

This AC’s name is indeed Opening, which is Malzel’s AC from AC:FA, one of the high members of ORCA in the game. I was confused for a bit there, but do enjoy the look of this model created by Shinsa in FGsite. Equipped with scratch-built GA parts (except for the HOGIRE core) and a lot of heavy weapons (especially the BIGSIOUX large missiles and the YAMAGA grenade cannon), this is turning out to be my kind of AC. More pictures after the jump.






Looks like it’s armed with enough firepower to scare China.

  • NiX

    Front Mission: for Answer? Hahaha.

    Scratch-builds always impress me. Great stuff.

  • Lord Leperman

    Dang, you're right. The legs remind me of the Zenith's w/o the 5 little holes on the knee.

  • grog_magog

    Designs from AC4-FA are still something to be admired.

  • Anthony Palafox

    Scratchbuilding does seem to be the trend nowadays, seeing as how there's a drought of new parts being produced. Now, if only they'd consider mass-producing that…

  • jobetski

    I wonder how long it took to complete that monster.

  • Thomas

    Man how do you make scratchbuilds???

  • Mix

    Styrene sheets, I think.

  • Thomas

    I' kill to own this kit!!!

  • Edward_asadon

    spratlean guard!