Front Mission 5 Fan Translation Project Nearly Complete

A fan translation of Front Mission 5 is on its 4th iteration and is nearing completion. Front Mission 5 is the latest of the console versions of this mech-RPG, which sadly didn’t get a release outside Japan. Fortunately, a few hardworking fans of the series started translating it over a year and a half ago, and in its current state it is very close to completion.

As the FM5 translation project is drawing to a close, the translation team is moving to other Front Mission-related projects such as Front Mission 2 and Front Mission 2089: Border Madness, both of which never got an English release.

For more information and for the patch itself, please visit You’ll find other details on the project and how to apply the translation patch to your Front Mission 5. Note that the translation patch only works on the original version of Front Mission 5, and not the “Playstation Best” version which is a re-release of the original.