Play as Armored Core Bosses!

Leave it to the Japanese to squeeze out just a bit more from our favorite ancient games. In the same vein as the Sailor Moon vid posted some time ago, we’ve again come across some cool AC1 hacks, this time by YouTube user aniski.

Check them out after the jump.

This first video shows every fanboy’s dream: Piloting the Nine-Ball Seraph against nothing less than another Nine-Ball Seraph!

This next video shows off even more mirror matches. The first half of it features the player using Stinger’s own AC in that very mission where Stinger turns against you. The second half shows the player in Sumika Juutilainen’s “Ariake” AC going against Phantasma also skinned as an Ariake.

Now our last vid for the day is a bit different the previous two since it doesn’t feature any unlocked NPCs or bosses. But when you see this AC in action, I think you’ll agree that this AC may as well be a boss in the game as it’ll be sure to scare even a Raven already sporting overpowered weapons.

Though somewhat glitchy, I definitely want to try it for my self. it’s interesting finds like these that make a fanboy want to dust off the old PlayStation (or fire up an emulator, at least). So if you know the specific hacks for these, do hit the comments!