Combo Breaker! Super Street Fighter 4 Tournament

As the title implies, this post is quite the change of pace from all the mecha stuff we’ve posted these past few months. You see, Doom Trigger over at the forums just announced that he and AEA1 will be hosting a Super Street Fighter 4 tournament with actual money at stake! That’s an RR first.

More details below.

Game: Super Street Fighter 4
Platform: PlayStation 3
Tentative venue: Doom Trigger’s
Tentative date: October 30, 2010
Tentative tournament fee: PhP150.00
Tournament pot:
1st Place – P10,000.00
2nd Place – 70% of pot
3rd Place – 30% of pot

Aside from the SSF4 tournament, there’ll probably be some Tekken and Blazblue on the side, too. So if you’re itching for a fighting game marathon and willing to put your money where your mouth is, well here’s your chance! Just head on over to the thread at the forums to get in on the action.