Armored Core: Limit Relase Fangame Update

Though updates are irregular, Armored Core: Limit Release is shaping up to be a nice working fangame. The game uses the Unreal 3 game engine, and at the moment the game has a few rendered parts for in-game demonstrations and will eventually feature AC customization (The famous Karasawa series of laser rifles is at least confirmed to be in the game). At its current state it is still far from playable, but given the work progress and the animations presented, Armored Core: Limit Release promises to deliver an authentic Armored Core experience as seen in the trailer after the jump:

For a one man operation this is going faster than expected, given that this is more of a side-project with zero funding. In addition, the models would also look great for some Armored Core Machinima if and whenever it happens. RR wishes the best of luck for this project and its author Moodydata.

Visit the AC:Limit Release development blog for more more info and screenshots of this upcoming game.