Armored Core Diorama

Dioramas for mecha plastic models are pretty common especially with Gundam and other major giant robot franchises, so we were surprised to see an actual existing diorama for Armored Core. As far as we know, this is the first time someone actually made one for our favorite mech shooter, and actually did a good job at it.

The title of this piece is “L’ Agguato 2.0” (The Ambush 2.0) and shows the modeler’s skills in painting miniaturesand some nicely done weathering effects on the set pieces, as well as on the Hogire AC centerpiece all in its 1/72 scale glory. Click on the jump for more pics:

Do those little guys stand a chance?

We’ll just put in some of the more prominent pictures, you can see more images from the original source which includes how the modeler finely painted some of the smaller pieces in the diorama.

[via: Ultramini Custom]

Thanks J.E. for sharing this piece of news.