May 252011
Armored Core Limit Release

This fine and dandy Armored Core modification for Unreal Tournament has been in development for a year now, and much progress has been made since its inception. You can get more info on this up-and-coming modification on Moodydata’s Moddb page for Armored Core: Limit Release. For this update, progress has been made with new animations which you can check out below.

Progress seems to be consistent for the project, however, there is still no estimated release date at the moment.

  • AA

    Oh man, So Stoked about this. Keep the good work Moody! 

  • grog_magog

    “this project is designed to bring fans of the classic Armored Core
    series a short 3d animation to remind them of the good old days”

    It’s disappointing to see that this project has become less of an AC and more like GUNDAM. Nothing very old school with those randomly mashed up AC parts from different eras. He even included the VOB!

    I really had high hopes for this one.

    • NiX

      Yeah it isn’t that “true” to AC. There’s even an MG-800 hanging from an extension slot! But the effort is admirable, nonetheless.