Feb 262010

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Feb 252010
AC Battle TV

Some interesting developments in Armored Core’s official website. From seems to be launching a replay based broadcast service upon the release of Last Raven Portable early this March. Speculations run that the service will allow players to upload and download various replay battles that builds upon Armored Core: Last Raven’s ability to save and load battle replays, a first for the series on the PS2, and likely the feature is being ported over to the PSP version as well.

Suddenly, we’re getting this idea of roving caravans of LR player teams all over Japan with their PSPs duking it out with other AC groups and posting the replays on Armored Core Battle TV. No news if this service will also be accessed when the international English version does get released.

In other news, From released a variety of Armored Core based themes for the PSP, go check them out as well.

Thanks NiX for the heads up.

[via: armoredcore.net through Mecha Damashii]

Feb 242010

One thing we enjoy about Armored Core are the parts, and how closely some they remind us of an existing analog in the real world.

For this post, we’ll be talking about anti-missile defenses – those wondrous little extensions that are oftentimes the only thing standing between you and an abrupt, fiery demise. The fact that they were so KISS-convenient to use was what made them rock – so long as you kept your AC pointed in the direction of your enemy, your little friends did the rest. So convenient in fact, that you’re probably wondering whether such a system is too good to be true. Continue reading »

Feb 182010

Dengeki Online Magazine has released a new batch of screen shots for the upcoming Armored Core Last Raven Portable, and these compelling screen shots show that one more additional item that seems to be missing from the Last Raven Portable extra parts list.

It seems that ACs featured in Dengeki Hobby Magazine’s own Armored Core Retribution published back in 2007 will be featured in the game, much like how the Victoria AC from Brave New World was featured in Silent Line Portable.

From the screen shots, we can see that this new arm part will function as a shield given its arm position, unless there are last-minute changes in its design and function for the final release. Additional screen shots after the jump. Continue reading »

Feb 162010

Now that Armored Core Silent Line Portable has been released in English, people might wonder how different Silent Line is compared to its predecessor and the rest of the Armored Core games.

As evidenced by the videos above and to follow, a lot has changed from the days of Armored Core 3 Portable. These videos were taken from Naitoh’s AC site some time around 2003-2004 during various sparring sessions or actual tournaments on the PS2 version.

These featured are probably among best Ravens to ever pilot an Armored Core, so its worth watching them. Maybe these fights might inspire some people to play AC more often and learn a couple of things in the process. One important thing to note: all these videos are played in hard mode, meaning all the lock boxes are much smaller.

More videos after the jump. Continue reading »

Feb 112010
LEGO Gundam

This here is probably the most awesome LEGO mech ever, and it’s a Gundam! The attention to detail on this creation is just striking, with various double joints and a transformation sequence that rivals that of model kits WITHOUT removing any of the LEGO block parts. This just shows the amount of precision and passion involved with this work, not to mention that the creator also included the V2 Assault Buster Gundam parts as well. The entire building and transformation process after the jump: Continue reading »