Armored Core Retribution ACs Featured in Last Raven Portable

Dengeki Online Magazine has released a new batch of screen shots for the upcoming Armored Core Last Raven Portable, and these compelling screen shots show that one more additional item that seems to be missing from the Last Raven Portable extra parts list.

It seems that ACs featured in Dengeki Hobby Magazine’s own Armored Core Retribution published back in 2007 will be featured in the game, much like how the Victoria AC from Brave New World was featured in Silent Line Portable.

From the screen shots, we can see that this new arm part will function as a shield given its arm position, unless there are last-minute changes in its design and function for the final release. Additional screen shots after the jump.

As usual, thanks to J.E. Magog for the heads up.

[via: Dengeki Online Magazine]