Armored Core V – Some Translated Screenshots

Niji of Armored Core Universe once again provides us with the latest Armored Core V information. This time she shares with us her painstaking translations of some Armored Core V screenshots, which reveal several of the attributes involved in Armored Core assembly.

Bipedal Legs (Medium) – ULG-10/A DENALI

AP [18,400]
————————- AP
防御力 : KE [1,320]
————————- Defensive Power : KE
防御力 : TE [400]
————————- Defensive Power : TE
防御力 : CE [280]
————————- Defensive Power : CE
積載量 [5,600]
————————- Load Capacity
消費EN [1,100]
————————- Energy Drain


————————- Total Load
————————- Total Energy Drain

Howitzer – KO-6K/PAUKI

攻撃力 : KE [9,000]
————————- Attack Power: KE
衝撃力 [3,800]
————————- Stun Power
装弾数 [30]
————————- Ammunition
リロード時間 [160]
————————- Reload Rate
発射速度 [900]
————————- Bullet Velocity
威力保障距離 [290]
————————- Optimal Range
減衰率 [70]
————————- Decay Rate
射撃安定率 [89]
————————- Accuracy
弾単価 [250]
————————- Ammunition Price
スコープ倍率 [24]
————————- Scope Magnification
爆発力 : KE [3,500]
————————- Explosion Attack Power: KE
爆発衝撃 [1,800]
————————- Explosion Stun
爆発範囲 [30]
————————- Explosion Range

重量 [1,250]
————————- Weight
消費EN [330]
————————- Energy Drain


総重量 [7,330]
————————- Total AC Weight
安定性能 [960]
————————- Stability Rating
対反動性能 [799]
————————- Versus Impact Rating
旋回性能 [6,930]
————————- Turning Ability
EN回復力 [4,490]
————————- EN Recovery Power
修理費 [321,980]
————————- Repair Cost
総積載量 [5,730]
————————- Total Load Weight
積載限界 [7,200]
————————- Maximum Load Capacity
総消費EN [10,740]
————————- Total Energy Drain
EN出力 [15,800]
————————- Energy Output
総AP [37,600]
————————- Total AP

She adds:

It seems as though this howitzer, or maybe all howitzers, are considered cannons. I am not 100% sure of this, but the reason I think this is because it has a Scope Magnification rating and the previous weapon does not have one. It seems like the designer is switching from some rifle-like weapon to to the howitzer. Since the scope stat and explosions stats aren’t blue/red that means the previous weapon lacked those stats. A scope magnification (zoom-in) feature would make sense for cannons since they must be used in first person mode. Don’t treat this as confirmed information, though. I could be wrong.

Yes, howitzers have an explosion radius.

The Optimal Range stat is a funky translation. The actual stat doesn’t make any real sense to me. The literal translation “Power Security Range” is nonsensical at best. Optimal range was about as accurate of a translation as I could get. As far as I can tell, the optimal range stat is the range in which your weapon will do maximum damage. After this range your damage will decrease over distance. This is purely speculation from me. I’m not really even sure that the stat means what I think it means.

I believe Decay Rate kicks in after the weapon has exited its Optimal Range and entered into its falloff range, where damage decreases over distance.


What we can take from these translations is that:

  • Armoring (as well as ammunition) is now divided into 3 types: KE, TE, and CE
  • The new Scope Magnification rating may play into the previously featured sniping mode and cannons in general
  • The provided data in the assembly menu seems more pertinent than what was provided in older Armored Core games

Update: Do note that another live demo is scheduled for streaming tonight, May 19th, at May 8:00 PM (GMT+8).

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