Armored Core V – Second Live Demo

FROM Software and Famitsu have once again successfully hosted a live demonstration of the upcoming Armored Core V. The latest footage reveals more specific game mechanics and options. See the recorded video and a summary below.

  • Demonstration of decal and emblem system similar to that in AC4 / ACfA
  • Demonstration of booster movement and drain
  • Energy refresh rates seem to be much slower than in previous games, but is balanced out having no drain from regular boosting whether on the ground or in flight
  • Jumping (and wall-jumping) requires energy. Overboost drained a reasonable amount.
  • 3 to 4 successive quickboosts sent the demo AC into charging state. But unlike the PS1 and PS2 era games, only around 30% of the bar had to be recovered to become functional again. Regular boosting is still possible during the charging state.
  • Reverse-joints are back, still with exceptional jumping abilities.
  • Game data is now saved onto an online server to prevent cheating/hacking and sharing of saved games.

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