Armored Core V – The LIVE for REBOOT – EXTENDED 2

Update: New video clips added!

Last night was yet another live demonstration for the upcoming Armored Core V. I hear that tanks and quads and anime decals were shown, though I actually haven’t watched it yet. But you can see for yourself in the recorded video below.

Update: The video finally introduces ACV Quads and Tanks. Get ready to see some semi-transforming “Siege Mode” and first-person view zooming for Quads, and a slug fest with some Tanks. Some decal editing was thrown in too, as you can see in the image above.

I’ll be adding in some more information later on after I’ve actually watched the video. But for now, you can go check out Armored Core V’s (uninspiring) cover art as featured by Mecha Damashii.

Many thanks to TMRaven for the screenshot.

Cleric, as usual, has generously provided video snippets of the most interesting portions of the demo.