Fromsoft Wants Your Opinion on Armored Core

Once again, From Software has released a new survey questionnaire regarding their AC games. Could Fromsoft be up to something and they’re trying to get ideas for a new AC game? Maybe they’ll actually listen to fans this time around? According to some this isn’t the first time From did such a move, and speculation says that previous surveys might have resulted in AC4 and FA. After finishing the survey, players are treated to an exclusive new Armored Core: Last Raven Portable wallpaper featuring Cascade Range.

Questions 1-8 seem to ask players what titles they own and what direction should the Armored Core series should take. Questions 9-13 relate to comments on the new introduced features, while 14-17 ask for the player’s demographic. Anyway here some of the relevant questions translated after the jump.

Question 1: How long have you been playing AC?
Question 2: Which AC title/s have you played?
Question 3: Which AC title/s are your favorites?
Question 4: Which one is your personal favorite?
Question 5: Do you want to play with inexperienced Series AC works, If you have any please tell us? (Need a better translation for this one)
Question 6: Which AC title/s would you like to play again?

Choices for Questions 1 – 6:
-Armored Core
-Armored Core Project Phantasma
-Armored Core Master of Arena
-Armored Core 2
-Armored Core 2: Another Age
-Armored Core 3
-Silent Line: Armored Core
-Armored Core Nexus
-Armored Core Ninebreaker
-Formula Front Armored Core (PSP Version)
-Formula Front Armored Core (PS2 Version)
-Armored Core: Last Raven
-Armored Core 4
-Armored Core for Answer
-Armored Core 3 Portable
-Portable Silent Line: Armored Core

Question 7: What do you expect from the future of the series?

-Improved graphics
-Enhanced Online System
-Part increasing Journal
-Part of the increased variation
-Enhanced production scenario
-Variation of the action up
-Strengthening the number and variation Sshon
-Strengthen the character and direction
-Further up the quality CG movie
-Customizing the Enhanced
-Renewed in view of the world
-Super huge battle with the enemy

Question 8: In terms of mechanical design, which style/s would you prefer?

-Real robot mechanical systems
-Super Robot mechanical systems
-Silhouette with a biological mechanism
-Mechanism with a silhouette of the ecosystem and how far the current on the planet
-Military-style mechanical without discomfort compared to the current set of weapons
-The dominant mechanism compared to other large
-With a streamlined mechanism
-Soft body with a flexible mechanism
-Silhouette with a rugged heavy mechanical
-Heroic mecha with a beautiful silhouette
-Mechanism to move the multi-legged
-Deformation, mechanical coalesce
-MT, such as mechanical and general versatility
-No particular

I can only hope that this leads to something good.

Thanks to J.E_Magog for the heads up.