A Fitting Tribute

Life is in a fragile state as never before. The economic crisis still threatens the modern world we live in, and greed continues to compromise the well-being of those who are already oppressed. Our natural environment continues to degrade in the name of progress, and blood continues to be spilled in pointless conflict. These are indeed difficult times, yet not all wish to bow down to fate and continue to resist the vices that plague the ugly side of humanity.

It comes as a big surprise to me that this has yet to be reported in any news broadcast of any sort, as this individual has done so much than what is expected of a mere man. I would like to thank the person myself and support his efforts to build effective communities, and create an environment that can nurture potentials and become upstanding examples of society; as they themselves would will serve as beacons of guidance in a system consumed by ignorance and short-sightedness. Most importantly, he will be remembered for creating a catalyst to where the very essence of camaraderie, brotherhood, honor, and justice are valued among his peers.

This individual is apparently a big hit in Sweden where his exploits have first been recognized and they are already celebrating him as a national hero even though he isn’t really from Sweden. The following is a press conference discloses the identity of this mystery man who prefers to work behind the curtains, and he may have been controlling the world stage for the better for some time now.

Click on the picture to find out who this person is.