Official Raven Republic Youtube Account Finally Up

We finally got an official Youtube account for Raven Republic, where we will feature various AC fights from all over the world. We will feature great fights, AC glitches, and various things that may or may not interest the AC player.

PACT videos will eventually be transferred here as soon as the opportunity arises, but for now everyone gets AC videos from Japan. Come visit our channel in Youtube.

Some videos from the channel after the jump.

Here’s a match from AC:NX which can help teach viewers how to dodge multi-missiles:

This second video shows the flamethrower glitch present in the Japanese version of AC:NX, where equipping the NICHIRIN will cause all of your lock boxes to turn into wide and shallow. Here’s an AC built specifically to abuse this glitch by arming primarily ND weapons with high damage rates:

This video is a typical fight in AC:SL, which was taken from Naitoh’s AC site back in 2003.

And finally we see this nice gem of a vid where a blader wins against a dual-gunner. A rare feat since the days of AC3 (barring of course AC4 and FA).

Come visit our channel in Youtube. We’ll be updating the account with more videos soon, so stay tuned.