Back in (Soon to Be) Black

Now this is what I’m talking about.

Lightning fast load and refresh speeds, a centralized database, and some nice new software to go along with it.

Yep, this is version 3 alright.

Everything’s still not back up, but yeah, I took it all with me when we switched over. No content was lost, don’t worry. As of now the only major things missing are the pictures from the gallery.

First things first, you should know that this is NOT going to be the default skin. No way am I calling baby blue and white “default.” It’s going to be black. And if you haven’t spoiled the surprise for yourself yet by not looking at my teaser pics from ages ago, I think you’re going to like it.

Well, I hope. Sophie’s bound to make an entrance somewhere there, so watch for it.

Second, those damn quote tags are giving me nightmares. Some of them didn’t make it across the conversion process intact, and are now bleeding their HTML contents all over the forums. They’re like an infestation of humongous proportions. Here, have a look if you don’t believe me. Again, if you have the power to fix them (i.e., you’re the poster or are a mod), please do. It’s just a matter of editing the post, and putting the text in between orderly quote tags. Yeah, just like from before.

Third, about your avatars. Don’t be surprised if they get taken down, as our forum no longer resizes any pic you put in into the allowable dimensions. ‘Di na kayo baby. If you really want an avatar you’ll resize it to 150×150 or smaller, and like it too.

Fourth: a chat module that actually works. From here you can see which people are in there, so hopefully if you see one lonely guy or girl you can join them and talk about the soft underbelly of the Internet or something.

Ah well, after talking about this for the longest time, it’s nice to see it finally come to fruition. Didn’t come at the best of times, but hey, necessity is the mother of site updates (yes, it really is!).