3D Dot Game Heroes

The latest game from From Software, the creators of Armored Core, is a throwback to the classic 8-bit era RPG titles mixed with a modern aesthetic, giving the once blocky 2D sprites a high-definition 3D remake with particularly interesting results. A modern retro style game so to speak, the game is full 3D pixel art as seen from the screenshots below:

3D Dot Game 01
3D Dot Game 02
3D Dot Game 03

Like their flagship series Armored Core, there are customization aspects to your character as well.

It does look like Lego land at times though :p The preview video linked below gives a glimpse on the back story of the game, which pretty much sounds like a typical 8-bit RPG story. The visual concept is unique and praiseworthy, but the gameplay mechanics are still a mystery as of the moment, and no one knows how far this game will stray from the standard J-RPG mechanics.

3D Dot Game Heroes is scheduled for a release on November 5, 2009.

[Preview Video]
[Official Website]