Jun 072011

The dauntingly massive Arms Fort Spirit of Mother Will from Armored Core: for Answer comes to you as a (not-so-massive) scratch-built model from the same guy who brought to us the recently featured Phosphorus Armored Core.

This custom creation, which was actually built before the Phosphorus, is just slightly longer than your standard AC kit from Kotobukiya. The difference is that this one seems to be completely home-made.

Let’s just hope that this Spirit of Mother Will is nowhere as fragile as the game boss it was based on.

Source: [Altitude of Mobius]

  • http://www.facebook.com/anthony.palafox Anthony Palafox

    Now this is what i call amazing.

  • Zefyr

    Aaliyah: “You’re… smaller than I remember…”

  • Shance

    Someone needs to build a good diorama of that. And a scaled White Glint too.

  • Rbtv92

    are you an architect? what do you do for a living?