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Raven Republic gets with the times to bring you original Armored Core content on live streaming and video. Check out this compilation of some casual match videos on our official YouTube channel.

You can also catch us live on our official Twitch channel.

In an effort to further organize the flow of information here at Raven Republic, we’d also like to let you know of the existence of our discussion platforms:

Raven Republic Forums:

Raven Republic Discord:

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Armored Core Universe is Back Online

We’d like to let all Ravens/NEXTs/mercs know that Armored Core Universe is back online after a long dormant period. After an almost five-year hiatus, the site opens its doors to the public once again. Just like here in RR, ACU’s forums have been a source of AC knowledge, references, and guides, and it has a community of players that call it home.

In related news, AC veteran TMRaven from ACU has released the latest version of his arm weapon tier list for Armored Core: Last Raven. This is a handy reference to have for creating and refining much of your designs. We should know – RR has used Last Raven as the game of choice for our last 6 PACTs.

Mighty thanks to TM, and for everyone else, please give ACU a visit!