ACLR Fantasy Tournament by LCC and TMRaven

Armored Core veterans LCC and TMRaven recently hosted a fantasy tournament for Armored Core: Last Raven over at the Armored Core Discord server.

A fantasy tournament is where a couple of hosts play with submitted AC designs and pit them against each other in a tournament setting. This largely bypasses the geographical restrictions of playing against each other and equalizes the skill factor in piloting ACs, since they use the same pilots throughout the entire fantasy tournament.

Here were the 16 participants, care of TMRaven.

Individual battles from his perspective will be uploaded to his channel in the coming days:

Meanwhile, LCC streamed the entire tournament:

Congratulations to Crimson Fury with his AC Libra for winning the tournament! Thank you as well to LCC and TMRaven for hosting. It’s not an easy feat organizing and playing a fantasy tournament, and we really appreciate your efforts for the community. May your cores continue to be armored.