Evolution is a wonderful thing, don’t you think?

We here at the Raven Republic certainly think so. It’s what we’ve thrived on these past few years, growing from a small online community who didn’t know each other personally, to a (still relatively) small online community, but tighter-knit this time.

Once we were all about just Armored Core, and with no real intention to speak to each other beyond those terms. Now we’ve realized that the wealth of other interesting stuff exists to talk about, even if we’re just talking about mecha. And that’s not all we’re talking about now.

So I guess that’s what this new change represents. Growth in a newer, more open direction. Specifically, into the bigger realm of mecha, anime, and video games. And food. Glorious, delicious food.

We’re still an Armored Core fanbase though, and a rather loyal one at that. The recent revival of Armored Core on the PSP has us all excited. I realize not all AC players like this new development, but as what’s been proven time and again over AC’s lifetime, you can’t please everyone with a single release.

So with that, I bid you welcome to the new and improved RR! Evolution is a wonderful thing.