Mar 062010

From released some concept art for the upcoming Armored Core 5 inside the AC Chronicle Art Works booklet that came with Last Raven Portable, which gives us a glimpse of what AC designs and what parts to expect in the upcoming game. From the looks of things, the designs seem a little more bulky and gritty compared to Armored Core 4 and For Answer. More pictures after the jump: Continue reading »

Nov 172009
AER9 Laser Rifle from Fallout 3

Show me a person who’s played Fallout 3, and I’ll show you someone who won’t be able to resist this AER9 Laser Rifle replica. Heck I’m sure even some of those who haven’t played the game won’t be able to resist this. Just look at it! It’s literally having the same damn thing (except it doesn’t fry people to charred skeletons). This one, along with many other video game-inspired swag, was created by Harrison “Volpin” Krix. More samples of his work and links after the jump.

You’d wanna see this, trust me. Continue reading »

Oct 242009

RR covergirl Sophie Emilia has been given a new illustration by the talented hands of Trace, which only serves to delight everyone. Currently a work in progress, this picture is soon intended to grace the background of Raven Republic soon enough. A second picture after the jump which is a preview of an upcoming comic tentatively titled “Conversations with an A.I. AC” Continue reading »

Sep 082009
Sophie Mucha 1

RR cover girl Sophie Emilia shows more of her artistic side with the following original pictures by the talented Trace-02. First off is an artistic rendition of Sophie in the vein of Art Neuvo, influenced by the style of Alfons Mucha. I may have been enticed by some spell the illustration may have cast on me, and I can’t help but enjoy looking at the picture. Continue reading »

Aug 182009
Sophie - Wut

Sometimes imagination can run too wild, and nothing can simultaneously express the mixed feelings of attraction and confusion as being gender bent from one’s current sex into the other. The gender bending idea of some RR members came about when Nerese thought of the idea and did some concept sketches a while back which resonated positively among members. After a year’s worth of waiting, those sketches are finally up and the floodgates have opened.

Check out Nerese‘s concept sketches here.

iraya-sama has been kind enough to further this trend by making her own original water colored artworks of some RR gender bent characters in very good quality: Continue reading »