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Sep 222009
Japanese Curry 01

Ah, Japanese Curry. A popular dish in Japan common enough to be seen in most Japanese houses, Anime shows, and Manga. The aroma of this dish is mild compared to other curry variants making it appealing to a wide variety of tastes; it’s not too strong and not too bland and perfect for those who cannot stand the spicier variants of curry. It is an excellent balance of a variety of flavors mixed together that form a wonderful dish that is sometimes touted to be one of Japan’s national dishes. Continue reading »

Sep 012009
Berserker Duck

One large entertainment deal has been announced recently, as The Disney Company decides to buy Marvel Entertainment for a total of $4 billion USD. This means that Marvel Entertainment’s famous and iconic characters such as Captain America and Wolverine can and may co-exist with equally iconic characters such as Donald Duck and Goofy. What it means for us gamers, is the chance to see more berserk cross-universe games like Kingdom Hearts with Marvel characters, and maybe succeeding Marvel Ultimate Alliance games featuring a couple or so Hidden Mickeys.

Under the control of Disney, which is known to have a family-friendly disposition, the next issue of Marvel Comics may look something like this: Continue reading »

Aug 242009

Applehead recently pointed us all towards what is probably the greatest YouTube video many of us have ever seen.

With their masterful combination of LEGO animation and playful music, the duo known as Rymdreglage (Daniel Larsson and Tomas Redigh) successfully rekindle the feel of video games from the 8-bit era through their video masterpiece aptly entitled 8-bit Trip.

Keep an eye on this viral video in the making.

For more awesome Internet finds, head on over to the Project Awesome thread in the forums.

UPDATE (8/25/09) – When I went to bed, yesterday, the vid was still at 180,000+ views. Now it’s at 400,000+!

Aug 242009
Ninoy Aquino

I’d like to take this chance to thank this great person, who, with only his unwavering spirit, started a wave of human will that would change the face of Philippine Democracy and the Filipino people forever. Benigno Aquino, Jr.

While watching the short film on TV this past Sunday, I went through mixed emotions as I saw this great person going through the last days of his life. He made me think a lot about how a single person could experience so much strife, and yet hold strong and keep his purity and his will. I honestly admire his personality, the way I would have admired a father. To the end, I shed tears for his passing, like how I would have cried for a father that I never had.

In the short time that I watched his story, I have learned more about being a Filipino, the way he envisioned us to be, more than any personality in our time here and now could ever teach.

Thank you, Ninoy. By knowing how you lived your life as a Filipino, your indomitable spirit may rest in the people of today.

Image credit to suntoksabuwan@photobucket