Sep 252011

Armored Core’s signature weapons are making a comeback looking meaner than ever. The Karasawa (Or its spiritual successor if the name changes) is still going to be an energy rifle, while the speculated Moonlight looks like some diabolical flaming curved sword of doom, the stuff of nightmares.

While the Karasawa looks totally in line with it’s past iterations, the new Moonlight is still something we have yet to confirm if it is the genuine article.

[via Mecha Damashii and Famitsu]

  • Anonymous

    That’s not a Moonlight, that’s the MOON!
    Nothing can be more lethal than a crescent blade.

  • Anthony Palafox

    A diabolical crescent blade of death… yep, sounds good to me.

  • JiN

    i can already imagine the damage of that moonlight

  • BTLRobot

    I alway kind of wanted a hand help melee weapon in armored core.

  • NiX

    A curved blade like that honestly doesn’t seem very efficient. Not that giant robots are the most efficient of weapons either…

    • Jose Maria Alcabaza

      In real life, swords with curved blades like the shotel and ataghan are lethal because of the weight distribution and the curved blade since it could make blocking useless. That ‘Moonlight’ in the pic is more of a shotel. But since it’s in a game, it will lose some of it’s functionality.

      • NiX

        The curvature just looks impractical in general. Just imagine slashing with that. And I don’t think the same physics are applicable when we’re talking about giant robots…

        • Jose Maria Alcabaza

          A straight blade would be wackier. If it has high enough damage, the way the blade is curved is enough explanation. It’s curved that way because of the AC’s wrist is straight. Since it’s straight, it can’t extend the sword for a good slash which means the sword must be angled to actually give some reach. In LR measurements, A hand held straight sword would have blade range of 2 to 3, but a curved or angled blade would have a 5-7

  • Seraquiem

    Would that blade slash (if it was possible) or stab?

  • Anthony Palafox

    Slashing looks like the only way this thing can attack. The blade housing looks like it doesn’t have a pointed tip so i guess it’s safe to say that stab won’t be possible

    But then again, we haven’t actually seen this Moonlight in action so all bets are off for now.

  • Kelvyn Alston

    If you guys check out the single player clip it was made clear that the actual physical design of the blade is not the limit of it’s reach. They are still plasma torches, look at the second Moonlight in the background, it is emitting said plasma blade and given the appearance from this angle it should be quite prominent.

  • Sacrilege

    No one even said a damn thing about everyones favorite laser rifle …. what a shame