Sep 012010
Armored Moon Sailor Core

What’s this? Someone actually took the time of putting a robotic version of Sailor Moon for Armored Core: Master of Arena, and it looks like it is working just as expected. We’re strangely excited about trying this out for some reason, and we’re expecting some sort of magical transformation to occur when you equip the grenade launcher. See the gameplay video after the jump:

Thanks Moonlight Raven for the tip.

  • Goat

    This was pretty much lulzy when the disc I had access to was edited with a bunch of effing sailormoon parts, replacing the default AC setup. D:

    Couldn’t remember where I got it though, that was years ago. xD

  • Leperman

    Were there other modded parts besides the Sailor Moon ones?

    • Goat

      When I tried the game (around 2 years ago), most of the parts I tried weren’t modified. The only stuff I know that were modified are the starter parts. I never saw that wing cannon too.

  • Anonymous


  • Adiyel

    who did this? i’d like to talk to them!