May 222010
Yes, there are boobies on the trailer.

Yes, there are boobies in the game.

Pretty much the trailer that will sum up everything that one could expect from Front Mission Evolved (and possibly more given the screenshot). The new trailer features new in-game footage, developer interviews, and a better overall idea on what the game feels like. This possibly shows and tells more about the game besides playing Front Mission Evolved itself. Hit the jump for the new trailer:

UPDATE: Release date has been moved to September 14, 2010. Follow our coverage leading to the release of this game to see what features to expect. Bonus new trailer found by the fine folks over at Mecha Damashii:

  • Two24u

    i have a feeling that armored core 5 is going to be somewhat like this….cause this seems pretty damn close to a armored core game but more…”destructive” and not as fast/speed oriented like what has been said armored core 5 is going to be like……and the Wanzers are not that big…and the new AC's wont be that big…this game looks siiick and if armored core is sorta headed in this direction then Im suuuuper excited for AC5..

  • Lord Leperman

    While I'm getting a similar vibe, I don't think two different franchises from two different developers will give off the same gaming experience.

    FM's gonna feature on-foot battles as well as banking on its story rich universe which has been one of the focuses of the FM series. Armored Core is heavily focused into customization and control of your AC, and thus will probably be able to make a more suited mech battle game with a giant robot taylor-made for its user.

    In either case, these are two distinctly different franchises to look out for and some will probably get both titles (Like me for one :p).

  • Two24u

    yeah your right but when i first read all the changes they were making to the AC's and everything i was sorta put off..but i mean if Front mission tank sized Wanzers can look this cool then i know AC5 new AC style is gonna be do love me some front mission though..and i like having characters with faces not just a voice..i have played every armored core game from Project phantasm on and dont get me wrong i LOOOVe armored core but..would be cool to be able to see a pilot from time to in the intro for AC2 in the cockpit of the AC that was sick..

  • Lord Leperman

    FM's story and universe are one if the major drawing points of the franchise. The geopolitical relations of the various regional blocs in Front Mission and how they interact with each other is something I always find interesting (Aside from the Wanzers themselves :p).

    Sadly, I believe they are sticking to the “No pilot face” thing for AC5 in respect to the past titles. This doesn't make sense to me personally, as Armored Core could use better character driven plot lines. Like you, I believe that having a face to go with a voice definitely makes story telling a much better experience.