Nov 262009

Megas XLR not included.

Because everyone digs giant robots.

Ok, I know I’ve been slow. Not covering Silent Line Portable‘s JP release was already a sign and missing last week’s Random Mecha Video of the day/week was another. So to make it all up for the lack of Random Mecha Videos and content, I present a massive collection of Mecha Anime openings from 1960’s till 2008. This is not my work, but it has been floating around an would at least interest anyone who has played SRW and asked “Where the hell did this robot come from?”. You’ll see it all, from icons like Tetsujin 28 (including the re-makes and re-imaginations), Mazinger-Z, various Macross and Gundam titles, to obscure super-robot titles such as Chogattai Majutsu Robo Gingaizer (Super Combining Magical Power Robo Gingaizer). It’s 7-8 hours of awesomeness and mecha history. The download links after the jump. Continue reading »

Nov 202009

This freeware game called Shining Blood was created by Teasoft, which can be described as an indie-level production Armored Core: For Answer. You have 6 mechs to choose from and the objective of each game is to blow everyone else up. Upgrades are purchased in the game though collecting red items that destroyed opponents drop. Gameplay shares FA’s speed, at least seen from the videos. A trial version for the Xbox 360 is available in the xbox live marketplace aside from the PC version available from their website.

You will need to have the XNA Framework and .NET Framework 2.0 installed to play Shining Blood.

[via: IndieGames]

Nov 192009
3D Dot Game Heroes

Like we’ve covered before, only with some reliable confirmation at this point. Folks over at Destructoid report that 3D Dot Game Heroes will be localized into English by ATLUS, the same guys who brought Fromsoft’s Demon’s Souls over to the US. The game is billing itself as the “Ultimate retro love letter” a homage to old-school games with a fresh coat of paint.

3D Dot Game Heroes is to be released in the US on May 11, 2010 with a price of $39.99.

3D Dot Game Heroes Official site

Nov 172009
AER9 Laser Rifle from Fallout 3

Show me a person who’s played Fallout 3, and I’ll show you someone who won’t be able to resist this AER9 Laser Rifle replica. Heck I’m sure even some of those who haven’t played the game won’t be able to resist this. Just look at it! It’s literally having the same damn thing (except it doesn’t fry people to charred skeletons). This one, along with many other video game-inspired swag, was created by Harrison “Volpin” Krix. More samples of his work and links after the jump.

You’d wanna see this, trust me. Continue reading »

Nov 162009

No actual confirmation due to a media blackout by the government. The attacker is confirmed to be a quadruped AC with machine gun weapon arms. Its either Japan wants to use Makati as a weapons testing site, or that’s where all the government corruption money is going. I can see my house from there as well (kinda).

Thanks to J.E. Magog for finding this gem.

Nov 162009
Armored Core Opening 01

No, we’re not dead. It’s just been a slow week.

This AC’s name is indeed Opening, which is Malzel’s AC from AC:FA, one of the high members of ORCA in the game. I was confused for a bit there, but do enjoy the look of this model created by Shinsa in FGsite. Equipped with scratch-built GA parts (except for the HOGIRE core) and a lot of heavy weapons (especially the BIGSIOUX large missiles and the YAMAGA grenade cannon), this is turning out to be my kind of AC. More pictures after the jump. Continue reading »

Nov 122009
Armored Core X-Sobrero 01

A scratch built SOBRERO AC from Armored Core: For Answer created by maro2501 in FGsite. It take a lot of skill and determination to pull this one off. Just look at the back mount quad chain-guns, who knows how much time were spent on making those and there are 2 of them! More pictures of this model after the jump. Continue reading »