Blading in Armored Core V

Blades and giant robots always seem to go hand in hand (despite the probable impracticality), and Armored Core V is no exception in the hyperbolic treatment of this fan-favorite cliché.

Niji of ACU, who was fortunate enough to be included in the closed beta test, reports that the basic blade in ACV nearly one-shots most ACs and that the range and sweep is just as devastating. The downside is the lack of blade-tracking. All this is clearly seen in the single-player demo video below.

It’s safe to assume that the Moonlight, the signature blade of the series, will be far more devastating than that blade in the video.

FROM’s live demo last September 18th actually showed off the Moonlight but only in the garage view. The fan-teasing starts at around 41:00 into the video and ends at around 46:00.

Unfortunately, they didn’t slice anything with it. But we do see that blades can be dual-wielded and swapped out with the arm-weapons.

What’s most interesting in the video is the Moonlight with the violet-colored particles (43:40) firing off some kind of beam projectile. Based on this, I can only speculate that there are Chemical Energy (CE) and Thermal Energy (TE) variants of the Moonlight. Perhaps someone who understands Japanese can tell us what’s going on.