Apr 132011
Armored Core V - 015

New information on Armored Core V, such as a new Mercenary System, has recently been revealed on several Japanese gaming sites, which unfortunately, we can’t understand. But there’s always Cacophanus of Mecha Damashii, who was, as usual, gracious enough to fill in the details for the English-speaking crowd. Head on over there to read about it.

The only bit of information that we can add comes from a comment on Armored Core Official stating that AC-assembly is now possible mid-sortie. How exactly this will be handled is yet to be revealed.

Meanwhile, I’ve compiled most of the new screenshots for your convenience and enjoyment.

The ring seems to be the new reticle to replace the so-called lock-box from previous games.

This screen shows the Operator’s view, which seems to provide much more data than the in-AC view in the first image.

Melee combat still makes a showing.

The mercenary selection interface

Concept art for what appears to be a beam flaming chainsaw, among other concept art made available

[Armored Core Official]
[Mecha Damashii]

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  • http://www.ravenrepublic.net Lord Leperman

    Let’s say that it’s still a flaming chainsaw and not a beam one. I can’t imagine laser blades shooting out of a rotating chainsaw despite the fact it will create a spectacular light show. The laser rifle looks like some untested prototype as well. Good job covering new stuff! Keep it up.

    • http://ravenrepublic.net NiX

      Notice how the last 3 images feature the same core gun but with different modes.

  • Jobetski

    I think I just saw parachutes. Air-dropped ACs, Airborne Operator, SKY FORTRESS!!!

    • http://ravenrepublic.net NiX

      I’m imagining that even parts may be para-dropped to allow part-swapping in the middle of a mission. Or maybe we can even pick up guns from disabled units on the battlefield. :D

      • Anonymous

        Parang Gandamns lang ah. Or maybe something like -yah- either a mobile base or the battlefield being close to you actual HQ or outpost. Then, you get to modify your AC real time. I think.

  • http://www.facebook.com/anthony.palafox Anthony Palafox

    That third to last pic looks suspiciously like a railgun. Dunno about the other modes though.

    • Qubeley404

      Actually the railgun is the one seen in the first pic at the top of the post, from what I’ve heard it will be able to fire at any point in its charge-time but depending on how long you let it charge its attack power will be higher or lower than normal. i.e. patience = full charge = highest damage, and fast shots = low charge = lowest damage. Overall its an interesting concept.

    • Qubeley404
  • Santa216

    Being an Armored Core fan, I’m not really thrilled to make this post, but I feel it needs to be said. I can’t be the only one to think the machines don’t really look like ACs anymore.

    Far from the sleek, iconic SciFi designs, they’re more like a bunch of parts glued together, which is obviously meant to be realistic, but loses them some serious points in both artistic coherency and, more importantly, ease of comprehension. By which I mean, you can’t tell what the hell is going on.

    How many of you have seen the trailer and, among the explosions, your eyes couldn’t settle on any one identifiable shape? Is there any single design that stuck in your head after witnessing the battle? Or is it rather that all you can recall is a vague mechanical mayhem, an event not at all dissimiliar to the contents of a toolbox being empited on a garage floor? Search your feelings. You know it to be true.

    Sure, the shaky cam didn’t help, another artistic mishap. The screens aren’t much better though. You can’t really see the next White Glint or Nine Ball there. I personally have hard time figuring out which part of a given mecha is the arm, and which is the leg, with weapons all seeming to be long vague Karasawa-alikes. This new Armored Core simply lacks concept beyond “Front Mission with lasers”.

    The mega fire chainsaw thing was at least instantly recognizable. You could tell what is it from the other end of the map, incidentally also realising that no distance will ever be far enough. That was something you could’ve put on a cover, assuming you lived, of course. But these? They’re all the same. Little fiddly bits on big square bits. There’s no poster child to speak of.

    I have been unable to obtain any data on mechanical designers. Is Shouji Kawamori still involved? It certainly doesn’t seem so. He knows how to make a mecha with character.

    • http://ravenrepublic.net NiX

      In a way, I know what you mean. But I’m still saving judgments until I can actually get behind these new ACs. :)

      And yes, it’s most probably because Shoji Kawamori isn’t on board. Mechanical design is now being done entirely by the in-house staff.

    • Qubeley404

      Unfortunately since AC3 and SL Kawamori has been very loosely incorporated into the games, White Glint and Arms some Arms Forts were his work but that’s about all. For this I’m pretty sure its all from the man responsible for the rest of the designs in 4 and FA. I remember seeing one person at another forum say they didn’t want Kawamori’s “bulky” designs, but hell those designs were ALWAYS the poster child of the series, and were always made with the coolest parts in the game period. Frankly I hope there’s something Kawamori like in the game, lest it be seen like Front Missions newest failure. I’m more so surprised that a Karasawa-like weapon hasn’t been shown yet, it would get a lot of happy fans interested in this game.

    • Frodrik

      i think it looks sort of post-apocalyptic. almost as if they were starting from scratch or making the parts without proper resources or designs. i personally like it, they look more serious and dangerous. 

  • Adiyel

    i agree: nothing even vaguely memorable.

    this does look like FM, and not AC. AC was know to be one of the only mechas with machines that reflected the character of their makers. smooth edges for Zio/Mirage, functional from Emuraude/Crest, and innovative, almost alien from Balena/Kisaragi.

    these things look like they were made from legos…i’m a LW lover and i hate to see what they look like in ACV.

    but i will say this in the defense of FROM: it looks like theyre making things better in gameplay areas, so good job

    • Qubeley404

      Now now some of the designs do have a level of cool involved, at the official site a lightweight leg design is shown, without any of that lego-add-on armor it looks much like the legs from the Poster Child of AC2AA. Granted the loss of back-cannons makes me rather sad, I always love how the cannons added to the overall form of the machine, like giving it massive wings, that are actually death-dealing missle launcher/laser cannons.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OYPBXTOIWRHUUNYQADLCO7KINM Corvetteman

    When will it arrive?

    • http://ravenrepublic.net NiX

      No release date yet. But they’ll be having a live demo of the game on May 6, I think.

    • Qubeley404

      Itll probably be out for JP in late 2011, early 2012, and for US and otherwise, mid-2012. Unless they expedite the game release with their producing company and get the game rolling with 4 months of its original release.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OYPBXTOIWRHUUNYQADLCO7KINM Corvetteman

    This is kind of dissapointing. The bots are so overdone. The design looks almost organic than mech. Like that red AC? What is that? Is that his head or a hat? The only identifiable AC is that heavy one next to the hat wearing AC, and that’s because they were already overdone. With a purpose at least.

    • http://ravenrepublic.net NiX

      Yeah it’s all totally different from what we’ve been accustomed too.

  • Adiyel

    now the AC on the “Mercenary List” menu screenshot is what i expect from them. the rest of those things look like strung together pieces of scrap metal.

    are you listening FROM?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jose-Maria-Alcabaza/100001481743833 Jose Maria Alcabaza

      No they’re not. If they are I hope they really do what the fans think are better and get rid of QB.

  • Chester Semano

    The new ACs kinda reminds me of the mechs from VOTOMS

    • http://ravenrepublic.net NiX

      I think they actually look more like Front Mission Wanzers

  • Parker Hall

    its not operator mode its scan mode just sayin’