Feb 062011

A whole lot more info popped out thanks to this Gamespot interview with Mr. Toshifumi Nabeshima, the producer and director of the Armored Core series. From his words, there are going to be radical changes to the series formula, emphasizing more on greater online content while maintaining the core gameplay the series is known for. Hit the jump for the interview as well as a summary of details:

-Another reboot of the franchise, totally unconnected to past games.
-4 to 5 player teams, with 4 players in battle and 1 operator.
-Emphasis on Team-play.
-Online goals are taking control of player territories, that they have to defend while other players can invade.
-Greater emphasis on online integration.
-Over 500 parts


  • Two24u

    this is good this might bring alot of people to the game..actually a reason to play online…not just a vs mode…im excited

  • Goat

    The only problem I’m worried about (other than how the team will apply what they said to the game) is that my net provider sucks ballistic hairy balls.

    • Two24u

      ewww that stinks :(……lol ive always wanted a Online AC game…cause i play MMO’s al the time….but yeah we should make a few Raven Republic teams!

  • R.leonhardt

    looking forward to working with you guys =D

  • http://ravenrepublic.net NiX

    Team RR!

  • http://www.ravenrepublic.net Lord Leperman

    …Blasting off at the speed of light…

  • ExpertSole

    As sad as it was to see FROM abandon Chrome Hounds, at least they are incorporating some of its more of the positive aspects into the Armored Core series. Not only are they bringing squad combat and the persistent world back, but it sounds like they are going to encourage squads to be composed of multiple classes or “role types” of mechs that perform different aspects of their strategy. I just hope they don’t pull the rug out from under us again in 3 years; unless they have a long term plan for maintaining the persistent world server, another server closure outrage is already in the making.

    • http://www.ravenrepublic.net Lord Leperman

      I liked one of the features in CH where they had this super boss that ravaged the land, and it took hours and hundreds of players to kill. We might still have something like that based on one part of the trailer.

  • I- Man

    Chromehounds was by far the best online game period. The squads were family’s of players for years together. Name a game ever that had squad rankings leaderboards and medals. and detailed personal statistics. AND NO GAME HAD AS MANY MAPS AS HOUNDS 94 maps at launch. and with the base and combas ( com towers ) aspects in that game it wasn’t just run and gun which is why so many were not good at it. It took strategy, communication, patience, and most of all skill to win in that game. the problem that i have with AC games is the booster packs to slide shift around in them allowing them to dodge attacks too well. They are big giant mechs they should be slower like hounds was to make you use your terrain of the maps more. and the fact that you could win 3 different ways by kills – base’s – and total Com towers it made the game limitless with carts for scouts and giants heavy gunners and snipers it gave meaning and definition into gaming like nothing else ever before. and then Sega Killed it. ( F#@* Sega ) I ran A-NUI the # 1 legit squad for 3 1/2 years and played Hounds for 11,474 hours all for them to turn it off. i even offered sega big money to purchase the server and host it myself with a new contract to microsoft to use live. and they refused. I realy hope they developers do realize how brilliant there efforts were on hounds and incorperate as much of it as possible into Armored Core 5. Slow the Game Down and make it tatical and stategic. Thanks for reading this if you did . ….. I- Man

    • http://ravenrepublic.net NiX

      Well that seems to be the direction FROM’s taking. But I’m hoping that 1-on-1 will be great, too.

  • Guest

    and they were getting cooler with acfa. now its back to contemporary designs.

  • icens

    if they fuck up anything about this armored core im never buying it again, im a big fan of armored core and im like top five on xbox skill wise, the top are like kronos, medler z, joozay, snake eyes, ahh a few others in any order im in the mix with them though they can get me more i still kill them also. im a cqc style player and im in CqK(closequarterkings) ya they better not make the game to where it makes it easier for nubs too just go online and whoop the best players of the game. i liked spending hours trying to build the perfect mech or even days to weeks. this is why ac never got bored fast is because you have to get better than the next guys ac and if they ruin this next ac by making it easy then it ruins everything, hopefully its still skill wise the same as the previous acs. and plz dont lower the speed any lower this isnt CHROME HOUNDS THIS IS FuCKKKINNG ARMORED CORE DO YOU NOT REALIZE IF I WANTED CHROME HOUNDS I WOULD GO BUY IT, KEEP IT FAST THATS WHY WE BUY ARMOREDD CORE DIPSHIIITTTSSSS WE DONT WANT NO SLOW ASS HOUND!!!! my lambo can go faster lol YES HE SAID THAT IF THERE IS DLC THAT I WONT BE ABLE TO LET NOOBS GET STRONGER YES THANK GOD, HAAA THIS GAME IS DIFFERENT ALL AROUND I HOPE IT JUST TURNS OUT GREAT. YOU CAN FIND ME IN YOUR FACE WITH THE FASTEST SHOOTING RIFLES IN THE GAME BLEAOTCH DUAL ACACIAS BUT THEY PROBABLY TOOK THOSE OUT DAMNNNN!!!!