Nov 062009

Okay, to make up for being half-assed in posting front page content I’m posting 2 videos for this weeks Random Mecha Video(s). This first one is from a live action movie Gunhed released during the 1980s, and it certainly looks something out of the set of Aliens. While the mech itself spends much of its time rolling, its good to see it actually blow stuff up. Second random mecha video after the jump.

Here we have less known PS2 title called J-Phoenix released in Japan back in 2001. This particular Mecha videogame was made by TAKARA who’s better known for their line of toys and models and probably some of the more famous VOTOMS games on the Playstation. The video itself is a fan made MAD movie that shows cut scenes and gameplay footage spliced together with a rockin’ sound track from JAM Project. Enjoy.

  • grog_magog

    Di ko akalaing may live action version pala yung design ni kawamori.

  • Goat

    Parang mga Guntank yung mechs sa Gunhed.